If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that I’ve suggested “going live” a couple of different times. One past blog in particular breaks down 3 reasons why “going live” is important. Companies all around the world utilize this feature to give people an “inside look” into their day-to-day operations. However, going live in your office is not always that simple because of a little thing called HIPAA.

The good news is there are many things you can “go live” for!  Here are 3 different types of content that you can plan on going live with today (that won’t violate HIPAA):

1. Lay Explainer Videos on a Condition


You’re an expert at what you do, there is no doubt about that. Your day exists to educate patients about their condition (and if you are using ChiroUp, you know how easy that service makes patient education.) Take that knowledge and “go live”! Explain to your patients what a cervicogenic headache is and how you treat it in your office.


2. Exercise Demonstrations


Do you see a lot of patients with plantar fasciitis? Demonstrate a stretch that they can do at home to help relieve pain. Be sure to communicate that by coupling this exercises with your in-office care, can help to treat this pesky condition.


3. ALDs that Enhance Quality of Life


Beyond being an expert in musculoskeletal management, you also have extensive knowledge of lifestyle tips that can greatly impact your viewers. Talk about the importance of healthy living. Go live every Monday with a healthy tip on how they can start their week; like eliminating orange juice from their breakfast or taking a walk after dinner.


The good thing about going live is that it’s meant to be a casual conversation. You don’t have to worry about buying a fancy camera or having a green screen- all you need if yourself, some knowledge, and a phone.


So who is going to try going live today?!

About the Author

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman is the digital marketing manager for ChiroUp, an online clinical and business resource for Chiropractors. Sarah enjoys spending time outside and is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic ocean pollution. For questions regarding the blog or Chiro Social Media, you can contact Sarah at sarah@chiroup.com.