According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers are influenced more by social proof than any other form of advertising. That given, it is safe to say that social proof is absolutely necessary for any business’ success– including your practice.

social proofBut let’s take a step back. You might be wondering what exactly is social proof? And how can I implement it in my practice?

Social proof is the influence that our peer’s shared opinions and experiences have on our own attitudes and behaviors. It is essentially free advertising that you get from providing an excellent experience or service to a past customer, or in your case, patient. Social proof can come in many forms. It can be through word-of-mouth in a conversation, a review on your website, or a post on your Facebook page. Social proof is so powerful because it proves what you claim about your office to potential patients. Additionally, it is an excellent way to market your brand and stand out from your competition.

3 Ways to Ask for Social Proof:

  1. Invite your friends & patient’s to “like” your Facebook page
  2. Put a sign in your waiting room asking patients to “check in” on Facebook
  3. After treatment, ask your most satisfied patients to leave a review on your Facebook page

3 Ways to Market Your Social Proof:

  1. Refresh past reviews by sharing them to your timeline
  2. Quote a review in one of your upcoming page posts (be sure to stay HIPAA compliant)
  3. Create a post thanking patients for their referrals and reviews

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About the Author

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman is the digital marketing manager for ChiroUp, an online clinical and business resource for Chiropractors. Sarah enjoys spending time outside and is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic ocean pollution. For questions regarding the blog or Chiro Social Media, you can contact Sarah at