I talk a lot about the importance of creating great content for your Facebook page with the perfect verbiage, visuals, and even focusing on the time that it’s posted. But none of that really matters if you don’t have people following your page to see that content in the first place. So how can you get more business page followers?



It would be great if all of your followers on your personal page just transferred to your business page upon creation, but Facebook doesn’t work like that. However, Facebook does offer a great tool that allows you to invite your personal page followers to like and follow your practice page. Let’s check out how to do that in 6 simple steps.


6 Steps to Inviting Your Personal Page Followers to Follow Your Business Page


1. Navigate To Your Practice’s Business Page on Facebook

Access Your Practice’s Business page by navigating to your personal Home News Feed, then selecting your business page located underneath shortcuts on the left column of the news feed page.

2. Scroll Through Your Business Page, Looking at the Column on the RIGHT Side of the Page
(This column includes suggestions to enhance your page + general stats)

3. Select the Blue Button “Invite Friends”
(located under “Invite friends to like your Page” or “Community”)


4. Customize an Invite Message that Will Send to All of Your Followers
(Facebook Will Prepopulate a Message that You Can Use as Well)


5. Select “Select All” to Invite All of Your Followers from Your Personal Page to “Like” Your Practice’s Business Page

6. Select “Send Invite” to All Followers Selected



Congrats! You just completed 6 Simple Steps to Increase Your Followers. For more Facebook marketing tips, check CSM’s blog for weekly posts.

About the Author

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman is the digital marketing manager for ChiroUp, an online clinical and business resource for Chiropractors. Sarah enjoys spending time outside and is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic ocean pollution. For questions regarding the blog or Chiro Social Media, you can contact Sarah at sarah@chiroup.com.