The average person gives at least 50 minutes of their day to Facebook. As a business, it’s probably safe to assume that you are spending part of that time posting content to your page. But…




As a chiropractor, you understand that your primary obligation is to your patients. You may not have time on Mondays to create and post great content, so you end up delaying the post, missing out on that Monday opportunity to reach new and existing patients.

Facebook’s “scheduling” tool can help make sure you don’t miss out on posting because of a busy day. Facebook’s free “scheduling” tool allows you to upload multiple pieces of content, and then chose when you want to post them. If you haven’t scheduled a post yet, check out my simple 7-step guide to getting this done.

7 steps to scheduling a post


1. Navigate to “Publishing Tools” in the Tab at the Top of your Page

2. Select “Schedule Post” from the Sidebar to the Right of Your Page


3. Select “+Create”


4. Write Your Post


5. Select “Schedule”


6. Choose the Date & Time You Want Your Content to Post on Your Page

7. Select “Schedule” to Confirm the Date & Time



Congrats! 🎉 Your Scheduled Post Will Appear in the “Scheduled Post” Tab!

Want to know and even better way to save time? CSM saves you time by creating AND posting the content for you. We take care of the business side, so that you can focus on what you love.

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Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman is the digital marketing manager for ChiroUp, an online clinical and business resource for Chiropractors. Sarah enjoys spending time outside and is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic ocean pollution. For questions regarding the blog or Chiro Social Media, you can contact Sarah at