As a business owner, you understand the importance of having an online presence on your business social media pages. You also understand how time-consuming that very necessary task can be. If you’ve been staying up-to-date on our blogs, you are probably familiar with how ChiroSocialMedia tackles social media management for you. In this week’s blog we are going to dive into exactly how CSM grows your practice by building your social media presence, and more importantly, why your online presence matters.


Let’s start with why your Facebook page matters:

Facebook has 2 billion users, and ⅓ of those users employ the platform to engage with businesses. CSM ensures that your business is one of the top businesses to engage with. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why it’s important to invest in your online presence on Facebook:


  1. Cost effective: Posting on your Facebook page is FREE, yet it has the opportunity to reach hundreds of new people a day, depending on how your followers engage with the posts. Compared to traditional print ads, boosted posts can cost as low as $5, whereas a print ad typically starts at $500. You do the math.


  1. Reach a Broader Audience: Facebook offers your followers the ability to engage and share your content, which can triple your impressions*. Every piece of information that CSM creates for your page is relevant to your followers. This makes sharing the content with their friends easy. Additionally, Facebook offers page features that allow you to reach a broader audience. One feature allows you to invite more people to like your page.


  1. Consistent Brand Recognition: According to Facebook’s latest statistics, active Facebook users access the platform an average of 8 times per day. This means that not only are you reaching a broader audience, but that audience has the opportunity to see your content and your business name multiple times every day. Compare that to a paid print ad, which is designed for 1 impression* per viewer.


  1. Compete with Competition: Over 70 million businesses have a Facebook page for their business. Needless to say, the likelihood of your competitors having a Facebook business page is high. Which that alone should be enough of a factor to create a page. But as we’ve mentioned creating a page is only half the battle. Posting consistent, relevant content, is one crucial way to ensure that your page is being shown and enjoyed by followers, which in return, is rewarded by Facebook.


  1. Facebook Will Reward You: Going off that last point, the Facebook algorithm is designed in a way that rewards great pages. If you have a business page that not only posts content, but the content is engaging to your followers, you will have a better spot on the news feed than your competitors with little content, or irrelevant content.

*An impression is the number of times that your ad is shown to your audience


Now that we understand why Facebook is important, let’s jump into what ChiroSocialMedia is, and how exactly we can help your business.


Who is CSM: ChiroSocialMedia (CSM) is an online service designed specifically for chiropractors. CSM’s content is powered by its sister company,, an evidence-based resource for clinical excellence.

What does CSM do: CSM saves you time by creating and posting evidence-based content to your Practice’s facebook page. All of our content is patient-centric and relevant to chiropractic. ChiroSocialMedia can help you tap into your social media audience with compelling content that converts new followers into new patients.

When do you Post: CSM posts to your page every day of the week. That is roughly 20 posts a month that are automatically uploaded to your page. From content creation, to actually posting the content, CSM handles it all.

Where is it Posted to: CSM posts directly to your business Facebook page. We are in the process of expanding what platforms we manage.

You understand the importance of Facebook. You know how CSM works. So now you’re probably wondering the price point.

How (much): CSM creates and posts content to your Facebook page daily for $50/month. No contract, no commitment, so you can sign up, or cancel whenever. We can’t make your decision any easier.

About the Author

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman | Digital Marketing

Sarah Bertelsman is the digital marketing manager for ChiroUp, an online clinical and business resource for Chiropractors. Sarah enjoys spending time outside and is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic ocean pollution. For questions regarding the blog or Chiro Social Media, you can contact Sarah at